Why is it so expensive to develop apps for smartphones?

With 1.85 million apps on the Apple App Store, and 2.56 million on the Google Play Store, smartphone apps lead 56% of the computing and communication device market share in global traffic.
The lack of experienced professionals in the application development market is one of the primary reasons.
Basic programming skills aren’t that hard to learn, but when the function requirements in the app start to get complex, and the app is something more than a simple calculator, development expertise starts to count.

There are two forms of development:

  • Engineering and development;
  • Research and Development.

Engineering is when the programming engineer already has the idea and experience of how to make specific functions required for the application to work.

Research is when the programming engineer needs to develop and then test functions and verify that they meet requirements.

Good developers need to have commercial and industrial level solutions experience, and be up to date with certain technologies, framework and programming language.

An application needs “native” development; Unlike web development, native development requires that the software project, after being developed, be compiled to generate the necessary programs to run an application. Think of compilation as a translation of a programming language that is more readable for human beings, made into a language understood only by computers.

The language used in a web browser, for example, is most often a “script language”, that is, instructions for a computer still in the most human-readable format, but interpreted by a program (in this case the web browser) to follow the instructions and perform predefined functions.

Creating an app is like making a Hollywood movie, if you want an award-winning blockbuster and not an amateur video, you need to hire a company with a team of skilled mobile developers. In addition to the quality risk, the problem of inexperienced developers can lead to a long lead time for product delivery, thus greatly increasing the cost and time of application development.

The pre-development of an application is very important, and the meetings to define roles and design can make the big difference in the software development lifecycle discipline.

Credit: This article is primarily published in “A Noticia USA” by Eduardo Ribeiro 2021

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