What is an Operating System?

What exactly is an operating system?

Today we hear and see people talking about iOS, MacOS, Android OS, Windows, Linux and many others.

An operating system is a set of software on your computer, phone, tablet that communicates directly with your hardware. The Operating System is the first software that needs to be installed on your computer, so it defines the version of compatible programs that will be used on your computer.

The best known and most used operating system is Microsoft’s Windows, they control most of the home computer operating system market today, but Android and iOS are controlling more of the communications market than any other OS-based OS. desktop. The mobile operating system is controlling most Internet traffic.

Mainframe Computer

Mainframe Computer
In the 1950s, an operating system was not yet defined, and computers called mainframes were used to process large calculations.
These calculations need to be pre-programmed into the mainframes with the data needed for processing so that the results can be delivered primarily in printed paper form.

Mainframes required that the program be (not installed), but processed first and followed by the data to be processed so that the results could be generated.

There was a need for a small to large group of people, depending on the tasks at hand, to observe and supervise the accuracy of the results.

It was a lot of work to generate results, and these “jobs” could only be done one by one, without multitasking!
Today things are very different, we can have multiple functions running simultaneously on our home computers, software packages are installed and hard drives keep data and files very easy for quick access.

Nothing in our existence as humans has had more advances than computing power and communication technology.

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