The hacking on google docs

The hacking on google docs…

Phishing is when a hacker uses some kind of bait to eventually access private information from a victim; the word is similar to fishing because of obvious reasons.

On this attack, the hacker(s) began sending emails to Gmail users inviting to access a shared document on google docs, but when the users clicked on the link, they were actually proving all other email addresses from their Gmail account to the hacker.

This way, the hacker had a very quickly increasing numbers of emails to attempt the propagation of the attack.

This attack has provided us with a fundamental question of how important and serious we must be to protect our data.

Every day we generate data, and we use computer communication to help us on simple tasks.

We should develop an individual scheme to protect our data and communication; we should create our own additional authentication methods, for example: when sending an invitation for a google doc, we should use another way to notify the receiving person about the invitation.

Mary sends an invitation to john to open a document online, but Mary also sends a quick SMS(Text Message) to John notifying John about the invitation.

If John, on the other hand receives an email from Mary inviting him to open a google doc, without a SMS, John should then SMS Mary for second method authentication confirmation.

Google was quick to remediate the problem when it happened, but as we are all getting into this sophisticated wired, and wireless world, we should dedicate time to learn how to protect ourselves as well.

It is very difficult to keep up, or wonder how something bad can happen to your data, and privacy, there is no guarantee that something is unbreakable, but if we take the right precautions, and develop a disaster plan, we can deal with the problem in a more efficient way.

So… backup your data, create additional authentication methods for data exchange, don’t be a clicker without reading what you are clicking on. .. and good luck!

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