The recognition of the importance of NASA


The first time I visit NASA was one of the most interesting experiences in my life.


I knew I was going to see for the first time, the location where the most technological achievements in the history of mankind are made..

NASA is responsible for so many advanced technologies benefiting science, healthcare, transportation, public safety, and the list goes on and on…

Let’s look at the last 10 years for example:

Health and Medicine:

Light emitting diodes used to grow plants in space, and heal humans on earth.

The device varies in size, so it can be transported and used as soldier self-care to aid front lines with first aid for minor injuries.

Also, Infrared ear thermometer, artificial limbs, ventricular assist devices for patients waiting heart transplant.


Anti-icing systems providing small planes with thermal wing protections, this was  available until this invention only for large jets.

Highway safety grooving to allow adherence of vehicles to wet weather conditions.

Extended life tires, so space vehicles have longer life spam in regards to locomotion in other planes.

For our earth use, these tires have about 10,000 miles greater life than conventional tires.

Chemical detection of corrosive conditions hidden inside vehicles and airplanes.

Public Safety:

Video enhancing and analysis used for extreme stabilization techniques by such agencies as the FBI, and the air force.

Fire resistant reinforcement building materials.

Firefighter gear.


Temper foam, enriched baby food, portable cordless vacuums, freeze drying technology, environmental and agricultural resources, harnessing solar energy, pollution remediation, water purification, computer technology, better and faster software, structural analysis, refrigerated internet-connected wall ovens, industrial productivity, powdered lubricants, improved mine safety, food safety systems.

The benefits that NASA brings to humanity, is simply impossible to measure, we depend so much in research and development from entities like NASA, ESA, and many new ones coming into the scenario.

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