Marcos A. Moreira I.T. Information Technology manager at Unimed Governador Valadares, MG Brazil

Marcos A. Moreira IT ManagerMarcos A. Moreira IT Manager

Information Technology is the discipline in the computer networking field that associates the store, study, retrieve, transmission, and manipulation of data/information.

I.T. also performs operations and maintenance to keep computer networks, such as LAN(Local Area Network), MAN(Metropolitan Area Network), WAN(Wide Area Network), in good working conditions, including safety of data, especially private patient data in the case of Mr. Moreira.

I.T. takes other important responsibilities depending on industry; they build, repair, modify computer systems, server systems, administer corporate

Governador Valadares MG

Governador Valadares MG

software licenses, software installations and maintenance, develop and maintain firewalls, antivirus protection schemes, and administration of users in private corporate and public networks.

Mr. Marcos Antonio Moreira is a successful I.T. manager for Unimed, in the city of Governador Valadares, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Unimed is a major private health insurance operator, and leader in the private sector, with 111 hospitals, and thousands of services center across Brazil, covering 83% of national Brazilian territory.

360 cooperatives are controlled by over 112.000 doctors.

Unimed Hospital GV

Unimed Hospital GV

Unimed inaugurated a brand new hospital in Governador Valadares capable of administering 136 beds, running with a work force of 450 professionals.

Mr. Moreira was overviewing construction operations and network systems implementation during construction.

Besides IT manager at Unimed, Mr. Moreira is also a MVP Delphi embarcadero, and he participated before in our blog, with the article:


Delphi Professional Software Development

I had the pleasure of interviewing Marcos, with the following question:

1-Tell us a little about your story.

A: My story at Unimed began in June 1996, that is, twenty-one years ago. My entire career was built within this company in which I went through several sectors until I arrived in the technology sector, where I had the positions of support analyst, develop, coordinator, IT consultant until arriving as IT Manager, being responsible for all technology Unimed Governador Valadares complex that includes the health plan operator, Health Promotion House and Unimed Hospital. Before I graduated in Systems Analyst, I was already working at Unimed assuming the position of IT Advisor. I feel very happy to grow along with the company and I am proud to have participated and to be at the forefront of all the technology projects of the company.

2- What were your challenges, and what advice would you give professionals going in that direction?

A: There were several challenges over time that were surpassed as an example, in the year 2009, that we did not talk about virtualization where we designed a project to virtualize all IT servers of the operator in which we won a prize for technological innovation in the next year. We had a great challenge also in the migration of the operator’s management system as well as the integrations with the other systems. My advice to the professionals who are starting is to always work as a team, listen a lot, study, plan and work with focus and goals.

3- Please also mention your time as a Professor.

A: In 2009, I received the invitation to be part of the faculty of Vale do Rio Doce University in the courses of Information Systems and Computer Science. It was a fantastic experience that for nine years I was able to experience as a teacher in various disciplines in the field of computing and unique opportunity to share knowledge with students and fellow teachers. In fact, the experience as a university professor, gave me a search every day, more information so that I could be prepared to take to my students updated content and to remain always aware and at the technological forefront.

4- Mention how you connected with Delphi, and how it turned MVP pier

A: Oops, this story was pretty funny and even exciting. In the year 2012, I received an email from friend and MVP Kelver, inviting them to participate in the program that was being started. I confess that the moment I visualized the names of professionals who were copied in the email, professionals who always had an admiration for the work developed in the Delphi community. For about five minutes, feel a mixture of happiness and fear. To this day, I am a part and I am very proud to participate in this select group of Embarcadero MVP professionals.

5- What are your plans for the future, and how are you preparing?

A: Actually, the last three years have been very hard work since we started the construction of the Unimed hospital that was inaugurated last month and this was certainly a great milestone in my life because I had to learn some disciplines of areas that I did not know and that added a lot to my professional career.

6- Any advice, or directions to our readers on how to get employment on the unimed, and last advice?

A: The Unimed Governador Valadares is an excellent company to work with. In recent months, we have hired five professionals to be part of our Team of IT professionals, who are currently divided into Unimed’s operator and hospital. If you are interested in being part of our talent pool and participating in some selection process, please send your resume to

My final advice is that you do something that gives you passion and motivation to work, because surely your benefits will always be better. Enjoy the spreading of your good seeds, for you will reap excellent fruit in the end.


Images source: Eduardo Ribeiro, and Marcos A. Moreira

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