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The internet changed the way we communicate, we can view the content we want, at the time we find most convenient “for each one of us!”

Artificial Routine Blog Internet of Things World

Artificial Routine Blog Internet of Things World

The Internet of Things is changing the way we interact with the world, we watch the news on our smart phone, we control home security systems from our smart phone, as well as hardware devices in our home, we use smart watch devices that keep track of how many steps we take during the day, we can monitor heartbeat, blood pressure with some devices, sleep data information, and we can share with our health care providers.

The “thing” on Internet of Things, is any hardware device that has specific, or multi-use for a single, or multiple purposes, these devices usually collect or compute data to provided very important reports to help on complex tasks.

Another example, a traffic signal system can observe the activities of rush hour, and communicate with other traffic lights to dynamically change time,

to help with flow control of automobile road activity.

There are challenges on IoT, the development of devices, and software for these devices are dependent on sensors, and some cases artificial intelligence to try to make machine decisions on its own.

Internet of Things hand

Internet of Things hand

The technology is also fairly new, under development, and very prone to errors.

If you pay attention to recent technology news, big and small companies are investing heavily on automatic censoring devices, like self-driving and ambient aware cars, personal voice recognition assistants, and health monitoring.

These devices will create a demand for data storage and processing at speeds unimaginable.

Another important point to add an extra challenge to IoT, is security.

No one wants to have a smart home hacked, and simply opening the door for easy intrusion and burgling.


Irrigation-System (Photo shared by Jeff Ossman)

We are in a mostly connected world, machines and humans are becoming associates, well… for some people machines are replacing human jobs, but no doubt, we have to adapt to technology innovations, and that could possibly define the extinction of some jobs. scared-emogy

Irrigation systems on a farm for example can be controlled or observed by a smart phone app, providing real-time data to farmers.



If you want to start your own IoT projects, here is how you can start with hardware and software:


A Raspberry Pi is a general-purpose computer, with a Linux, or Windows 10 IoT operating system, this is the equivalence for normal multitask computation operations, it is more complex to use.






An Arduino is a microcontroller. This is a simple single tasking computer that can run one program at a time, it is easier to configure, but make no mistakes, both options are great, it depends on the requirements of the project to define what is the better option.



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