Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, creator of C programming and Unix

Artificial-Routine-Blog-Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie creator of C programming and UnixArtificial-Routine-Blog-Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie creator of C programming and Unix

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie (September 9, 1941 – October 12, 2011)

American computer scientist creator of the C programming language, and co-creator (with Ken Thompson) the Unix Operating System.


Ken and Dennis

It is important to know how much influence Dennis “have” in our lives, his creations shaped computer science technology and allowed humanity to evolve to the advanced systems we have today.

Dennis Ritchie graduated from Summit high school in New Jersey, and graduated with degrees in physics and applied mathematics from Harvard University.

C programming language is a  structured language,  in simple terms a structured programming language is a set of subroutines similar to the way electricity is controlled in circuit boards, by defining paths for circulation, and controlling flow of electricity based on switches.

C is the origin point for the more advanced, and (in my opinion) the best programming language called C++

The “++” in C++ is a unary mathematical operator, meaning (unum in latin), “one in english”, hence adding “one” to the precedent value.


Integer a = 1;

When adding the ++ (operator overloading) in front of the variable a, it becomes 2 (a++ = 2)



C++ is a Object Oriented Programming language, again in simple terms based on the explanation of the previous example, C++ would allow when a circuit board is accomplished, still following the same flow control, path, and conditions for electricity to circulate in a circuit board… but with a programming approach that would allow the development to be made “in re-usable parts”, hence allowing the use in other programs, and also very important to mention, the inner workings of each individual part to be initially programmed independent from even knowing what function that part will take in the overall accomplishment of the program, we call these individual self containing “parts” as “classes” in C++.

Think of it as a part for a vehicle that can be used in other vehicles, like the steering wheel, for example.

Advanced programming languages are all derived from C, and C++

“Unix is simple. It just takes a genius to understand its simplicity.”

 — Dennis Ritchie

The Unix Operating System is also a starting point for all software we use today.

Servers vs Workstations OS

Servers vs Workstations OS

Microsoft, Apple, Linux software products (to keep a short list) are derived from Unix.

Unix was developed by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson at Bell Labs in the 1970’s

When you think of computer servers, Linux is a leader in the global market because of its Open Source license, Linux is free.

The Free Software Movement has allowed people all over the world to try and experiment, use and development contributions to the movement for the benefit of all.

Dennis Ritchie is responsible for the initial development of what this is today, and honestly (my opinion) I think that’s why his  legacy is not so known, everyone knows who Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are, but most don’t know who Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie was, and his life projects has become a road block/competitor for Bill, and Steve!

Well Mr. Ritchie also known as dmr was one of the most important person in the world, thanks to him we have Ubuntu and others OS’s , I am able to write this blog today,  and you are able to read it, in your computer, smart phone, tablet, etc…. etc… because of dmr!

Thank you dmr, for everything you done, you changed our lives forever! 🙂





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