The idea for this blog was after I’ve met many interesting people in the field of technology, and businesses related.

Also articles about important people that contributed to the technology we use today.

We have an opportunity to interview successful people and learn from their experiences.

The name “Artificial Routine” comes from the studies of artificial intelligence, and how ideas and systems are developed to mimic human thinking, in connection and communication to system routines.

For example:

Intelligence is measured by the capability of solving a problem, the “action” of examining and detecting a problem in an execution, and analyzing if the event is a problem that needs a solution.

The first part of an intelligent decision is by gathering and observing routine tasks.

Take a routing GPS system for example, the program is constantly observing the “routine” of a vehicle in motion,  if the driver takes a wrong turn, and deviates from the assigned route, the program detects and defines a “problem”, hence activating conditional operations to correct the route by recalculating the route.

Please update me about errata and mistakes.

Welcome to artificial routine blog.


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